Diet Programs to start loosing Your Weight

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Weight Loss – The Diet That Works For You

A Diet Program to Sart Your Weight Loss is often an exercise in futility because it relies heavily on eating only at certain times of the day and the fact that you can eat while you are exercising. You may be able to stick to a diet program for a few weeks but all it takes is one week of counting your calories to know you are losing weight and your diet is over. Your brain tells you to stop and the first thing you think about is the pain of digesting your food and how you cannot go back to a dieting routine.

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The worst thing about these diet programs is that some people will listen to this advice and then try to follow it strictly but when they see the results they will cut back on their diet for the rest of the week. This is very upsetting for the dieter and many turn to other methods to help with weight loss.

There is another approach to dieting, which is called Intermittent-Fasting or IF for short. This type of diet is still very effective but it is far more reasonable for everyone. It is a wonderful way to loose weight but doesn’t cause many negative side effects and is very healthy for your body.

Approach with intermitted-fasting

Intermittent-Fasting means eating only for the last two to three hours a day of every day. The theory behind this type of diet is that your body can use only a small amount of energy during the two hours or so it is doing exercise and this will allow your body to re-use what it uses and burn it as energy instead of putting it straight into fat cells. You will still be able to eat and be able to have food every few hours but instead of eating a pound of food all day you will only eat a pound of food once a day.

The food that you eat must be made up of whole foods like raw nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The last two hours you will be in a fasting state so there will be no caffeine, no alcohol and no processed foods. You can drink your normal coffee and tea but no alcohol.

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The idea is that you will still be able to have some processed foods in your diet and you will still need to eat these with whole foods because your body will be in a fasting state. These foods will be salty or rich in protein, so you will need to add these to your diet while in the fasting state. You can eat these foods before your breakfast or at lunch instead of waiting until your fasting time.

Intermittent-Fasting is a great way to help you lose weight and if you stick to it you can expect to have lost a good amount of weight very quickly. This is good for people who are already working hard and want to lose weight before or after their workout routine.

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